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Directed by: Abby Corrigan


Treehouse's inaugural production was Zolidis' absurdist comedy that puts a fun twist on the famous tale of Alice in Wonderland.

"Cybersoul sported the high-tech internet and texting projections you’d expect with that title and a rockin’ score that was never potted too high for the elders in the audience."

- Perry Tannenbaum (Creative Loafing)

"Cue pick-up, in particular, was phenomenal throughout the show, indicative of a level of concentration and rehearsal that eclipsed any elementary school and nearly all high school productions I’d ever seen ... The group was disciplined, and the best individuals in the show delivered portrayals that were layered and nuanced. Certainly these included Justin Norwood as Corky, the team leader with treehouse seniority, and Jeremy Cousar as Joel, the next-door interloper. Luke Mitchell was also startlingly good as Jeremy, the bellicose instigator."

- Perry Tannenbaum (Creative Loafing)

"Best of all, the Matt Carlson-Colin Moore-Matt Mitchell-Abby Corrigan confection boasted a surprisingly honest and sophisticated script that offered no easy answers or tidy resolutions on a hefty range of issues, including drug addiction, bullying, self-absorption, suicide, and homophobia."

- Perry Tannenbaum (Creative Loafing)



by James Saba (2011)

Directed by: Matt Mitchell


Treehouse's second show was all too appropriate. In Saba's political allegory two rival treehouse builders learn about the importance of friendship, allegiances, and, finally, peacemaking. 

"CYBERSOUL, An Original Teen Rock Musical" (2012)

Written by: Matt Carlson, Colin Moore, Matt Mitchell, and Abby Corrigan 


Treehouse's third show was its most ambitious and acclaimed production. Corrigan (14) and Mitchell (15) teamed up with Carlson (18) and Moore (18) to write and compose an original full-length musical. CYBERSOUL explores how teens struggle with communication and relationships in a society dominated by technology. The show featured a 20-person cast of teenagers with one adult male. A live band,  directed by Colin Moore, performed all of the original music. CYBERSOUL was written and designed entirely by teens. The show was a massive success and sold out every show. CYBERSOUL and Treehouse Acting Company were honored with 11 Metrolina Theatre Award nominations. The show won seven awards including Outstanding Production.

 Read some of the reviews below!

"Jeremy Cousar is touching as Mike, and when he sings 'Lost' he commands the stage."

- Anna Marie Oliver (Arts à la Mode)

"Young people will definitely be able to relate to these problems and concerns ... I expect to see and hear much more from this talented group in the future."

- Anna Marie Oliver (Arts à la Mode)

An original design by Matt Mitchell for the set of CYBERSOUL. The multitiered set featured a live band and coffee tables that allowed the audience to feel immersed in the world of the Cybersoul Cafe. 


Directed by: Abby Corrigan & Matt Mitchell


A performance piece consisting of local teenage artists performing songs, poetry, drama, and dance.

All proceeds from this performance went to The Arts Empowerment Project.

The Arts Empowerment Project ( is a non-profit organization that provides funding to connect children impacted by violence and at-risk children to existing arts programs in the Charlotte area. Where children can mend their spirits through the therapeutic power of art!


Directed by: Abby Corrigan & Matt Mitchell


A collection of contemporary music & songs from your favorite musicals performed by local teenagers. 

All proceeds from this performance went to The Arts Empowerment Project.

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